Gavin Hooper

Corporate comedy hypnotist and motivational entertainer

Hiring a Comedy Hypnotist and Motivational Entertainer

Nothing resonates more with people than a healthy dose of comedy. Combine that with hypnotism and motivational speaking for the ultimate entertainment experience for business or pleasure. Everyone is sure to leave the show laughing and thinking about the possibilities life has to offer.

Gavin Hooper is a well-known professional comedy hypnotist. This motivating and exciting entertainer is available for a variety of parties and events. The show is funny and fast-paced to keep all the guests entertained. Volunteers in the audience wind up becoming the stars of Gavin Hooper’s unique and entertaining show.

The shows are always fun and never humiliating, making them ideal for all types of audiences. They are not “R” rated so everyone can attend. The show can also be tailored to suit the needs of any corporate or private client. From showcasing a new product to celebrating a graduation...

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